nicolas leroy

Ciao debuts in the US

February 18, 2008

Ciao, the European-based shopping engine, has launched its US site last week; and it’s a brand new site compared to its European sites (look at the UK one to convince yourself). The core business of Ciao in Europe and in the US is the same: price comparison with a heavy focus on the community and user-generated content (product lists, text reviews or video reviews). But the execution is far better on the US site: this new site can be compared to the trendy Web 2.0 sites, when the European ones look soooo ’00 :) I hope the US site has been launched as a test market before a global roll-out in Europe.

A quick review of the main features:

All in all nothing really impressive on the product itself, but a product that is well balanced between the price comparison and social shopping features. Will it become popular on the very crowded US market?

New Ciao US site