nicolas leroy

Kelkoo launches new brand and store navigation

January 24, 2008

As the 2nd iteration of our renewed Kelkoo site, we launched today new Brand and Store directories on the .DK, .IT and .FR sites. To be followed on all Kelkoo sites in the next couple of days.

The Brand and Store directories can be reached from the global navigation – where “Brands” and “Stores” tabs have been added ; but are also linked from various places on the site:

The Brands directory provides an A-Z navigation among 4000 brands (the database will be extended in the coming weeks). For each brand, a dedicated page lists the most popular categories on Kelkoo where we have products from this brand, and a list of popular products from this brand. See the pages for Apple, Canon or Lacoste as examples.

The Store directory has been built with the same logic: an A-Z navigation leading to merchant pages (I.e: Amazon). Each merchant page relies on a tab navigation to provide access to:

I think those pages provide a nice complementary navigation to the search and category pages for the shoppers on Kelkoo. But we already have a lot of ideas to enhance them and reach the full potential of those data – adding store locations and maps, introducing deep link inside categories from brand pages… – so we really consider those new pages as a foundation we can build on for the future.