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Get statistics on Google Checkout activity with Google Checkout Trends

January 12, 2008

One thing I find really amazing with Google is its ability to tight together its different products. Latest example: Google Trends now provides statistics based on the activity on Google Checkout. As explained on Google Checkout blog:

Many of you are aware of Google Trends, the handy tool that enables you to track and compare what Google users are searching for. Now imagine a similar tool that can give you some insight into what people are buying and selling online. That’s exactly what we’ve built: Google Checkout Trends aggregates the sales data of Google Checkout merchants and charts it in a matter of seconds.

The new tool provides a graph of the generated revenue (price * quantity sold) (normalized using an undescribed unit and scale) over a period of time; an option to set up threshold on prices is also available. This tool seems to work fine on simple queries (“zune“, “iphone“, “wii“, “playstation“…) (even if I don’t really trust the ipod vs zune results); but doesn’t seem reliable for more complex product names. For instance, the “Canon EOS 30D” vs “Canon EOS 40D” match suggests no Canon EOS 30D has been sold since Oct,17; when a lot of merchants using Checkout are still selling it at low prices

Well, the tool has the mention “Google Labs” on it, meaning it’s a work in progress. To see how it improves in the following months.

Google Checkout Trends