nicolas leroy

Christmas ’07: comScore announces +19% YoY on online spendings

January 01, 2008

comScore has published its US numbers concerning the Christmas season:

comScore […] released an update of holiday season e-commerce spending for the first 57 days of the 2007 holiday season (November 1 – December 27). Nearly $28 billion has been spent online during the season-to-date, marking a 19-percent gain versus the corresponding days last year.

Most US shopping engines seem to have taken benefits from this growth, as reported by Brian Smith on ComparisonEngines (here and there); and Google Product Search seems to be the exception to this rule.

Now I’m clearly not a business-oriented person neither a strategist, but I think those numbers are pretty good news for CSEs, not only in US but also in Europe: US market is more mature than Europe in terms of online shopping, and customers still seem to see benefits by using shopping engines instead of web search or direct access to the merchants they’ve already bought from.