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Google pushing online shopping before Christmas

December 02, 2007

A few days ago, when I reported that Google pushed Product Search in its main navigation, I concluded by saying it was a pity Product Search has not evolved for a long time. Apparently, I have been heard ;) as eCommerceOptimization is reporting some big changes in Product Search:

I have not been able to test those changes by myself, so I suppose Google is still doing some bucket testing. I’m waiting to put my hands on this new version, to comment further. Anyway, it seems Google is becoming aggressive on shopping for the Christmas season.

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on Dec 03, 2007 / 4am

Thanks a ton for the mention and link love!! I am really excited about Product Search improvements and hope they continue to roll out new and innovative features.

I am really sorry about you not being able to see the 'compare prices' button, it's probably due to your geographic location or the fact that you are oversees, I imagine they will give you guys a sneak peak as soon as some of the bugs get worked out, or they are comfortable expanding into new countries.

It's strange they didn't show us this BEFORE Cyber Monday, wonder why they choose to wait until afterwards? Well, late is better than never and I am sure they will still be able to pick up a bunch of shoppers looking for Holiday gift ideas and purchase options.

Thanks again,