nicolas leroy

Yahoo! to give more autonomy to Kelkoo

October 03, 2007

As a Kelkoo insider, I don’t want to comment this news. Still here are a few articles regarding the fact that Yahoo! wants to give more autonomy to Kelkoo:

Hope this won’t avoid people looking at the new site we are launching this week (already live in France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Belgium; please have a look :-) )

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Philip Wilkinson
on Oct 03, 2007 / 3pm
Nicholas - I don't think "former employee" is the best definition for me :-)

Like the new site design although still can't see anything new or innovative - am I wrong?

on Oct 03, 2007 / 5pm
Sorry Philip, should have said "co-founder" :)

The new release is still focused on our core strength - comparison shopping - but lays the foundation for the future. The "My History" module for instance gives you a hint for the future. You perfectly know how difficult it can be to introduce changes on such a big site as Kelkoo :)

Philip Wilkinson
on Oct 03, 2007 / 9pm
Sure - but why not launch the new features now with the new site? Why does everything have to be "coming soon"?

Fletcher Mak
on Jan 29, 2008 / 5am
Yes i am agreed with Philip, i have seen it lot off time on site.

on Sep 27, 2010 / 2pm
For that I agree too.