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Green shopping by TheFind

October 04, 2007

TheFind has recently launched a new variation of their main site: after releasing the new Glimpse, they have put their focus on green products. In a move that is similar to ShopGreen by PriceGrabber, TheFindGreen is basically a view of the classic TheFind site with only green / eco-friendly / fair-trade products. As explained in the press release:

The website, which is located at, is solely inclusive of products that are organic, developed using ecologically conscious processes, or those offered by retailers who are actively committed to preserving the environment.

I find TheFindGreen is quite an appealing product. ShopGreen by PriceGrabber was a quite good initiative but the breadth of products was not that big. Clearly, the approach TheFind has adopted from the beginning – crawling the web to extract all products – is really successful on this niche market.

Still, I wonder how they can consider products as green in an accurate way with those crawling technologies: is it enough to detect keywords as “green”, “organic”, “sustainable”, “recycled” to classify products as green products? I suppose it should be easier for PriceGrabber to classify those products based on feeds from paid merchants.

Reliability vs breadth? In this case, breadth seems better for the end user.

(via Comparison Shopping Engine Strategies)

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on Oct 09, 2007 / 5pm
Hi Nicolas

This is a great comparison shopping/shopping search blog! Appreciate your ongoing posts on our company and the coverage of the industry.

Just a clarification that we do not just crawl but also take feeds. We right now process over 80 million products from feeds (we get a larger number of products via crawling). Comparatively the number of products we get via feeds alone is probably larger than most other engines.

We are constantly improving our classification technology on identifying green brands and stores to make it as accurate as possible for the consumer.


on Oct 09, 2007 / 5pm
Hi Siva,
Thanks for your comment, and the precision regarding feeds. Indeed 80 million products from feeds is quite impressive.