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New social shopping app for Facebook, by Yahoo! Shopping

August 18, 2007

A lot of developers have started to put their hands on the Facebook Platform, the development kit to create embedded apps into Facebook social network.

The guys from Yahoo! Shopping US have launched their own Facebook app, named “My Favorite Thing“. This application makes good usage of Yahoo! Shopping APIs, to let Facebook users search products, manage list of products and share favorite products with their Facebook friends. The basics of social shopping are there, and I’m waiting for the next level: transform this app into something really fun to use or really useful to use; the current version is between the two, and quickly forgettable in the end. Come on, guys, I’m sure you can transform it into a killer app :)

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Philip Wilkinson
on Aug 20, 2007 / 7pm

In your mind - what "would" make this a killer social shopping app?

on Aug 25, 2007 / 3pm
Hi Philip,
In its current form, "My Favorite Things" doesn't use the social paradigm as it could.

On the fun part, sending virtual gift is already implemented by the "Gift" app by Facebook. Why should I use "My Favorite Things" ?

On the useful part, searching products, bookmarking and reviewing them is also not really innovative, and is the basic stuff we need to implement cool stuff.

I.e: I like the StyleFeeder / Kaboodle games to identify your style and share it with other users. Also, we could imagine games player vs player à-la Google Image Labeler ou à-la iLike. This kind of viral games could increase the audience of "My Favorite Things" by making it more fun to use.