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Web accessibility: Summize has options for color-deficient people

July 26, 2007

Indirectly related to the Shopping sphere: I recently browsed Summize, an aggregator of product reviews that I covered in March, to see latest features. Unfortunately, they didn’t really improve their search engine since my last visit (that was my main critic at this time); but they added a feature that I found really innovative for this kind of mainstream service: the capacity for color-deficient people to switch to black&white display. As explained on Summize blog:

“In color blind mode, snips are rendered from black-to-white rather than red-to-green. Grayscale snips address all varieties of color blindness (even true color blindness of the rare monochromat)”

Really nice example of web accessibility:

Summize - options for color-deficient people

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Jim Thatcher
on Jul 27, 2007 / 1pm
You talked about people with color deficits yet on this page, there are instances of low contrast that are very difficult for those people. The quotation (blockquote, I assume) has a contrast ration of 1.6 and the area where you say "My Job" has a ratio of 2.1. WCAG 2.0 currently has a requirement of a contrast ratio of at least 5 at level AA (think priority 2). There is no requirement at level A.

Oh yes, and I was interested in your CAPTCHA - but I couldn't get the audio version to work. Probaby user error!

on Jul 27, 2007 / 2pm
Hi Jim, yes, you're perfectly right... It's sometimes easy to recognize good work, and sometimes difficult to apply the same rules for yourself :) Will try to change the blockquote color in the next days.

Thanks for the notes regarding the "theory" :) really interesting.

on Jul 27, 2007 / 2pm
By the way, Jim, your site is really interesting! Lot of valuable info on it, when I can learn more about accessibility :)

on Aug 13, 2007 / 10pm
Jim great site, we have been working on the engine and are making progress. Keep the comments coming.