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eSwarm is a new Group Buying application

July 29, 2007

Read on TechCrunch today, eSwarm is a recently launched application for group buying. As I mentioned in an earlier post, group buying was hype in web 1.0 era (with sites like Mobshop in US or Clust in FR) but not really successful (the bubble burst came in). In web 2.0 era, internet users are more mature, are “more social” (see success of MySpace or Facebook); and group buying could now become successful. Still, I’m skeptical eSwarm could be successful: concept is good, but right now execution looks pretty poor:

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Bruce Gander
on Aug 05, 2007 / 5am
You should check out also. Registration asks for similar personal details but the process is better thought out. Sellers also don't get charged a commission.