nicolas leroy

Group buying to re-surface as part of Social Shopping trend ?

June 03, 2007

TwistImage is a canadian marketing agency. Read on its blog:

Currently, the slew of Social Shopping sites are places to rate, evaluate and discuss products – without the direct interference of the brand. The future of Social Shopping is much more exciting. […] If I were Amazon, I would be interested in selling several thousand books through that one wiki page as opposed to hunting down each individual acquisition. I would even be willing to offer the group a preferred price (maybe even one that gets sweeter based on how many books can be purchased). […] Social Shopping’s future is the ability for a self-organized group to do much more than just the purchase. It’s the opportunity to buy in bulk, connect directly with the brand and build friendships with individuals who have like-minded interests.

I find interesting to see “old” concepts that re-surface as part of the Web 2.0 and Social Shopping trends – remember the late 90s / early 00s, with MobShop in US (shut down in 2001) or Clust in FR (that stopped doing group buying a few years ago, as far as I remember). Whatever… Like TwistImage, I think the “group buying” concept could be successfully relaunched now the audience is more mature and aware of the social web.