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Google as shopping engine: another test layout gives some hints

May 04, 2007

A few days ago, I talked about a new layout Google is testing for its search results, and the emphasis this layout could give to shopping results, potentially results from Google’s own shopping vertical: Product Search. Today, Google Blogoscoped reports Google is testing another Search layout – less radical than Google Categories – but again interesting from a shopping perspective.

The new layout shows the progress Google did in categorization of search queries. A new column appears on left of search results and shows a list of Google verticals (Images, Video… but also Products) where you could launch a similar search.

If your query is related to shopping (“digital camera“, “Canon EOS“…), then the link to Product Search is put at the top, to incite users shop through Google service.

It’s interesting to see how Google is testing solutions to promote their verticals – especially Products – on their main search. It’s a smart move for Google, but could become dangerous for shopping engines that rely heavily on SEO.

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on May 04, 2007 / 9pm
It could be an issue for the existing shopping engines (first generation) who are not really user centric and so, do not have personnalized functionnalities that could allow them to keep some users.
As most of the users are coming directly from search engines, they will have to rely on other mechanisms to keep the affluence.