nicolas leroy

DPreview has been acquired by Amazon

May 21, 2007

Breaking news last week for digital photography passionates: DPreview, the leading independant website dedicated on digital photography, has been acquired by Amazon. Firstly, I didn’t really understand the logic behind this acquisition. Then, I remembered there are already a lot of different shopping placements on the current DPreview site.

On reviews (like on the Nikon Coolpix P5000 review) or in the Buying Guide, you often get a “Support this site, buy the … from one of our affiliate retailers” section, that usually links to to get a full list of retailers.

Amazon will surely replace those links with direct links on its own pages. I think it is a smart move for a shopping site like Amazon to buy a community-driven website like DPreview: user-generated and unique content are more likely to drive traffic through SEO and spontaneous visits.