nicolas leroy

Windows Live Product Search: a few improvements (and a note regarding Google Product Search)

April 23, 2007

A few days after Google’s announcement regarding their new Product Search, the team behind Windows Live Product Search has posted some news regarding their product, mentioning improvements on image coverage, and relevancy. The Windows Live Product Search team rarely posts on their blog, and it’s quite surprising they posted a comment on such “small” and under-the-hood changes. But, they also took the opportunity to write about Froogle’s rebranding:

Note: Google recently re-branded Froogle to Google Product Search as captured in this full story. To avoid confusion, when we refer to Product Search on this blog we’re talking about the same Live Product Search site as we have been for the last year unless we specifically call out Google Product Search.

I don’t know if they wrote this post just to add this comment; but all I hope is the team will blog more often in the coming months, to let us know the improvements they bring to their product.