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Portfolio – a PHP application to manage photos

April 17, 2007

In 2003, I started the development of a PHP application, named Portfolio, to easily manage photo albums and photos. Similar PHP scripts existed, but I had lost my previous job, was looking for a new one… So doing some development at home was a good way to spend free time and try to do a nice little app that could be more suitable for my own needs. I put the source code online, got a few users that were interested by this app… Then, I found a new job :-) I slowed down the development of Portfolio, then completely stopped it a few months later. Since that time, Portfolio is still the backend I use to manage my own pictures and power the Photo section of this site.

Portfolio - a PHP application to easily manage photo albums and photos

Back in 2007, I’m re-discovering the pleasure of doing some coding at home, as I’m no longer working on engineering. And – guess what -, I’m working on new features for Portfolio.

Since 2003, the way to manage photos has considerably changed. Here are, I think, the main evolutions that had a deep impacts on our way to manage digital photographies:

So what could I bring with Portfolio? I don’t have a clear vision yet, but here are some features I’d like to implement in the near future:

I cannot provide a release date for the next release of Portfolio yet. But if you are interested to test this application, if you have some features you don’t find in other apps and would like to find in Portfolio, please post a comment.

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on Apr 17, 2007 / 8pm
Sad to point out to you that the use of the name portfolio is no good. I have been using for my images Portfolio for a long time and it is registered by a company that is called Extensis.

Still I like your idea :)

on Apr 18, 2007 / 7am
Good point! Extensis Portfolio already existed in 2003, but I never realized I should change the name... :D Will have to find something better.

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on Aug 06, 2008 / 2pm
I'm working at a media aggregate company and we're using Extensis Portfolio to manage hundreds of thousands of images. Unfortunately, i have no access to the Extensis catalogs to run queries or reports!

How scalable have you found a PHP-based solution to be? Any issues with thumbnail generation/storage and growth?

Kicking around perhaps coding a replacement for our Extensis situation; thanks for any info/tips :)

on Aug 07, 2008 / 11am
Hi Rob,
Clearly a well designed PHP-based solution connected on MySQL or Oracle could be able to handle a high volume of images. Unfortunaly, I have not stressed my home-made Portfolio solution to scale that much... I have a few ten thousands images, but the data structure is made in a way I don't foresee any problems scaling it in the hundreds of thousands (assuming the database is correctly optimized). However, I don't think (my own) Portfolio is not ready for prime-time.

May I suggest looking at other open-source solutions like Gallery?. This one exists for years, and I expect this solution to scale quite well.

Hope it helps,