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New product comparison UIs are emerging

March 14, 2007

In the previous months, a few innovative sites – supporting new user interfaces to shop products – have been launched:

My feelings:

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on Mar 15, 2007 / 1am
There seems to continue to be a place for a variety of shopping engines with different stengths--some focusing on price comparison and others on product research. I think that's a good think. Do we really want one player (like Google) to completely dominiate all aspects of this market?

Personally, I AWAYS use multiple engines when shopping, and for that reason, I recommend, which is a meta comparison shopping and product research site that makes it easy to query multiple shopping engines.

on Mar 15, 2007 / 8am
Hi Robert,
Fully agree with you: we need several players to force innovation... and it's good to see new comers that bring new ideas.