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“Enhanced preview” on shopping engines: who’s next?

March 04, 2007

Web 2.0, through AJAX technology, has brought a lot of new patterns for the user interface, some useful, some just fancy and hype. “Enhanced preview” is one of those useful patterns that allows user to get the details of a product without having to click to a detail page. In the world of shopping engines, I believe it has been first introduced in Windows Live Shopping early last year. Then, on by the end of 06. Recently, Become and have introduced this feature on their site.

That means this pattern is becoming mainstream. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, I just wonder:

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Teresa Torres
on Mar 06, 2007 / 2am
Microsoft Live launched on April 28, 2006.

Become launched their preview on May 30, 2006

Become was already working on their preview when Microsoft Live launched. I worked on the orginal design (but have since left Become). The goal of the original design was to show the critical details of the product (image, title, price) in the condensed view and then once the shopper expressed interest in the product (by mousing over it) to show seconday factors that might influence their purchase decision (description, rating, who sells it, etc). This accomplishes two things, it allows shoppers to browse a lot more products at once but two still gives them access to more information for the products they are interested in. This design is intended for products that you can identify at a glance what you might be intersted in (clothing, shoes, etc).


on Mar 06, 2007 / 6am
Hi Teresa,

Thanks for the precision ! Really interesting...
Did you receive feedbacks from users ? Is it a feature they find useful to use, and are indeed using ?


Teresa Torres
on Mar 06, 2007 / 7pm
Yes, people responded very positively to the design. It is getting quite a bit of use and is why it still remains on the site today.