nicolas leroy

Yahoo! launches

February 25, 2007

Yahoo! has just launched 18 seconds is the time needed to change a bulb and replace it by a CFL bulb. As described on Yahoo! Anecdotal:

Yahoo! has built a powerful tool in, which tracks data for CFL purchases nationally and locally. You will be able to see the amount of CFLs sold across the country, by city or state — along with the equivalent dollars, energy and greenhouse gas emissions saved. […] I believe the CFL is the Trojan horse into the minds of the American public — once you get somebody feeling good about making a difference while also saving money, you have them thinking about what else they can do. Every CFL represents an opportunity for ordinary people to take a stand.

This is a pretty good site, very Yahoo! in its look&feel and usability. A gadget to be embedded in your website is available, but is not enough configurable: 160px * 500px as only size is far too big to fit properly in many websites.

Don’t miss the “What are the CFL bulbs & why switch?” link at the top right: you will get a lot of useful information regarding CFL technology, including the fact CFL bulbs contain mercury and must not be thrown in common garbage. This fact is buried in the website, and should have been more visible. We wouldn’t want to reduce CO2 emissions, and at the same time pollute soils with mercury!

I would have appreciated to find a global analysis of the benefits of CFL bulbs vs classic bulbs, from manufacturing to recycling. Indeed, I find critical to have the global ecological footprint from end to end, before pushing everyone to adopt CFL bulbs.