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Fashmatch, social shopping for clothes and fashion

February 18, 2007

Fashmatch, social shopping for clothes and fashion

Launched in Sept 2006 (but I just discovered it today), Fashmatch is a social shopping network focused on clothes and fashion:

FashMatch is an online community for anyone who shares a love for clothes, fashion and dressing stylishly. FashMatch is based on two things: The first one is fun. Creating your own looks via the terrific brands FashMatch not only provides you with an endless source of entertainment, but also saves you time finding the look that is right for you. The second one is sharing the fun! Like a great friend, FashMatch is the ideal companion, offering to the visitors an opportunity not to only be their own stylist but also an influence and inspiration someone else.

It currently targets only women, and let them discover new fashion items and create matches between them: “those shoes are perfect with this dress, let’s create a match”. I really like the concept: at last, we have a clear and useful semantic behind those shopping lists, proposed by every social shopping sites. And the design is pretty cool for the targeted population (at least, I think so, as I’m not in the target :-) )