nicolas leroy

Social unshopping

January 07, 2007

Published on Yahoo! News, an article – entitled “S.F. group enjoys shopping sabbatical” – explains the experience of ten middle-class californians that decided to not buy anything during a full year – excepted “food, essential toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo, underwear and other purchases that fell under the categories of health and safety“. The story is worth a reading, giving some interesting details about why and how.

This experience shows that it is possible to reduce our environmental footprint, if we accept to change our lifestyle. It is a good demonstration of an economic theory – that is becoming quite popular in France – , called “décroissance soutenable” (sorry, I didn’t find the translation in English, please help me!), that explains we have to reduce the production and consumption of goods and services to reduce the damages on ecosystems and climate.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “this is a blog about online shopping, and this guy now wants me to stop shopping?“. I don’t want to force anyone, and anyway I’m not ready to do it myself. But somehow, we should take this experience – and all the green attitudes that are surfacing these days – and think how to enrich our online services to force us to become some responsible consumers. There are already some interesting experiences

(from Ryan Mickle)