nicolas leroy

Yahoo!: “Now, I know what you’re thinking — this is all about peanut butter”

December 06, 2006

Yahoo! has been in a lot of discussions in the last weeks. It started with the Peanut Butter Memo (quite negative press for Y!), the shutdown of Google Answers that led to a lot of positive feedbacks on Y! Answers, then the launch of Yahoo! TV that brought a lot of frustation to current users. And now we have the reorg.

What I really appreciate in the Yahoo! TV “drama” and the announcement of this reorg is how the Yahoo! Corporate Blog has been used to communicate to users.

The product launch of Yahoo! TV has been announced on the blog on Nov, 28th… with opened comments. Ten days after, there are 173 comments with a lot of bad reviews, replies from the current Yahoo! TV product manager, from previous Yahoo! managers… There is indeed a lot of noise in this discussion, but we feel there is a non-censored dialog between Y! and users, which is a very good thing for an internet company focused on communities and social web.

Regarding the annoucement of the reorg, Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel announced himself the reorg on the blog, and explained the new orientation of Yahoo! Again with open comments. This is a serious talk, but with some humorous notes like “Now, I know what you’re thinking — this is all about peanut butter“. Pretty good communication!