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“The Social Shopping Faceoff” on Read/WriteWeb

December 20, 2006

Really nice article on Read/WriteWeb today, entitled “The Social Shopping Faceoff“: analysis of five social shopping engines (the article doesn’t intend to be exhaustive) and a smart conclusion:

Most notably, there is still big room for innovation in this market. Kaboodle has nailed the basic feature set, but much more can be done based on the power of masses and technologies like RSS. We expect to see many more innovations in 2007, such as personalized recommendations, product alerts and interactive chats based on where you are shopping.

Have a look at the article itself, but also at the comments: you will find comments from insiders at Kaboodle, Zlio or Crowdstorm. Worth the reading.

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on Dec 21, 2006 / 4pm
And no comments from insiders from Yahoo! Shopping ? ;-)