nicolas leroy

Windows Live Product Upload

October 04, 2006

LiveSide a publié aujourd’hui un article sur Windows Live Product Upload, un futur extranet pour les marchands qui souhaitent uploader leurs listings de produits sur Windows Live Product Search:

Windows Live Product Upload allows internet based retailers/sellers to add catalogs of their available products to the Live Product Search database. Currently, as it stands, Live Product Search indexes the web for products and catalogs their prices. With the introduction of Product Upload, sellers whose products are not already in the database can upload their details and get their products listed. […] The system will also include an interface to track the status of a user’s catalog. Once your catalog file is submitted, then it goes through a processing stage that can last up to 48 hours. After the formatting and information has been checked for accuracy, it will either be designated as Published or Rejected. A new catalog must be submitted every thirty days in order to keep the information current. Sellers will be notified by email a few days before their thirty days is up that they need to upload an update.

La sortie d’un tel produit est assez logique. Mais je trouve surprenant qu’il permette d’alimenter Windows Live Product Search, et non Windows Live Shopping.

J’avais compris que Windows Live Product Search était 100% crawl, alors que Windows Live Shopping s’adressait aux marchands payants qui fournissaient leurs feeds. L’arrivée de Windows Live Product Upload brouille un peu plus les pistes…