nicolas leroy

Review of TheFind

October 22, 2006

TheFind is a new actor in a crowded market, but they claim to reinvent shopping search. When I heard of TheFind a few months ago (by reading TechCrunch), I was really impatient to discover this new service: it’s always good to see innovative challengers to established players. So I was really happy to see the beta was launched a few days ago. I suppose my expectations were a bit too high, because I’m a bit disappointed.

TheFind doesn’t rely on paid merchands, but crawls the web and automatically extracts “over 150 million products” from over “500,000 stores“. That’s really a lot compared to other shopping engines (, Yahoo! Shopping…). In that way, they are very similar to Windows Live Product Search for instance.

But at the same time, TheFind tries to provide a user interface that is similar to or Yahoo! Shopping: grouping of offers using SKU, comparison pages… Trying to mix those two approaches is quite innovative, but I think they should have gone further. Here’s what I don’t like:

What I like:

I really hope TheFind will upgrade their comparison pages and bring drill-down filtering: it will then become a real and serious alternative to other shopping engines.