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Krukymonster @stevelukather A band of four need 236,549,020 streams to make $15,117 each. (Min. wage!)
To compare, “Get Lucky” was 104,760,000 as of Aug!

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stevelukather Spotify founder Daniel Ek has earned £190 million in just six years.
And WE artists get NOTHING! Dogshit money. Pennies If that.

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siva_v_kumar Meet the Exec Crafting Google’s Vision for the Future of Shopping (Maybe This Time It’ll Work!)

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I say BIG NO to Daylight Saving Time!

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scotwingo Interesting insight into how eBay leveraged big data to determine that image quality correlates to price:…

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Google experiments with giant banner ads on top of search results…

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“Google Launches Shopping Campaigns To Ease PLA Management”

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neeed Maquette HTML + CSS en cours, l’intégration a déjà commencé chez @amaury … Bcp de boulot encore !

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patricecassard Un blog (incroyable) sur la modélisation en 3D d’une Corvette Stingray

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Google AdWords Third-Party “Review Extensions” Start Rolling Out To All Accounts… via @feedly

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Google will start using your picture to sell products to friends…

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“Google News: Your Face Could Be Featured on PLAs”

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Astronomers shoot first in ‘Star Wars’-style timelapse… AWESOME!

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LaBelleMeche La création d’entreprise en France?… On a eu l’impression d’être 2 célèbres gaulois:…

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“Bing on your credit card?”

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Garrett_H Shopzilla Announces Tada, Global Coupon Brand | Business Wire… @szpublisher

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“Google Shopping goes local”

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“Local Google Shopping PLAs And Local Storefronts Roll Out To Limited Set Of Retailers”

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“Engine News: Google Tests Instant Product Listing Results”

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Shopping search engine TheFind surpasses 1B shopping searches (exclusive) | VentureBeat… via @VentureBeat

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New Google Antitrust Offer A “Significant Improvement” Says EU… via @sengineland

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Huawei is rotating its CEO every six months to stay fresh…

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