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henlaub Shopzilla’s New Single Rate Smart Pricing Model

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TheSassWay Yahoo releases Pure, a lightweight responsive framework similar to Bootstrap:

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DaniStefanovic Huge on Facebook: a jQuery script to display Facebook Likes for any batch of links

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“EU Says More Google “Concessions” Needed Before Antitrust Settlement”

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DidierGirard Un seul article a lire cette semaine : Build Your Own Technology Radar

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“E-Commerce is a Bear” by

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Sbillault “Store locator” : les bonnes pratiques que vous devez connaître

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“An Event Apart: 10 Commandments of Web Design”

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“An Event Apart: Responsive and Responsible”

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Medium “Star Trek and the shiny, boring future” by

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Don’t understand all the negative comments on the new - some things to improve but overall a great improvement !

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marissamayer Photo: I’m delighted to announce that we’ve reached an agreement to acquire Tumblr!  We promise not to screw…

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Now Google Wants To Kill The Mobile Web (Good Riddance)

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The upcoming Google Maps redesign will integrate Google Flight Search…

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siva_v_kumar Improving Personalization & More: and Partner on State-of-the-Art Shopping Experience

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simonalibert The future of iOS design? — Thoughts in words — Medium

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“Why Vertical Search Is Threatening Google’s Reign”

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Live Blogging from 2013 Catalyst Americas: Google Keynote

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Exclusive First Look: Google Shopping Express - Google’s new same-day delivery offering

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Attention Merchants: New Changes To Google Shopping Feed Specifications via

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Google Wins Vertical Search Antitrust Case In Germany

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sbpeterson Analyzing predictors of Google abandoning products - way over my head but super interesting stuff nonetheless

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“Breaking Development: 20MB Responsive Websites”

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“Who is Advertising on Facebook in France?”

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Infinite Scrolling: Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This

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Justifying fit and finish

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simonalibert Why Facebook is blue: The science of colors in marketing - The Buffer Blog

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simonalibert Flat UI Design

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gillesvandelle Tedemis : la start-up française qui se rêve en Criteo de l’emailing - JDN Média: via

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pierrechappaz Sur mon blog: mon avis sur l’affaire Dailymotion/Montebourg

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JulienCoquet Arnaud Montebourg - please STFU

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Google Shopping now using “Shortlists” for internal content producing - - Interesting…

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Download and Sync Google Fonts to Your Computer

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Apple’s App & iOS Design Changes Threaten To Delay The Next iPhone

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“Breaking Development: Mobile First Responsive Design”

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