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Google: Calling all SF Bay Area residents: help test our new local, same-day delivery service

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Mannequin top pour H&M allemagne

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Microsoft’s Data Explorer: Picking Up Where Bing Leaves Off

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henlaub PriceGrabber Shares How They Plan To Use Universal Analytics [video] -

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Avec la nouvelle version de Pinterest, la mode est aux tuiles

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Google Adds Publisher Opt-Out Tool For Shopping, Flights, Hotels & Local Search

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Open Letter To EU Competition Commissioner Exerts Pressure For Tougher “Vertical Search” Settlement With Google

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cyrilbouskila : 1 milliard d’images sur Azure fin 2013

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TheChangelog Whoa! Massive JS integration between Sublime Text and Chrome DevTools w/ Sublime Web Inspector - linked by

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bromano Seattle big data shopping co raises $8m from to expand to ‘all e-commerce categories’

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Sbillault Google réalise un strike en e-tourisme

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decide Big news about our startup coming tomorrow. Any guesses on what it is? [Stay tuned, we’ll be ready to announce first thing in the morning!]

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RSS n’est pas un produit grand public, c’est un outil pour les professionnels

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Pinterest rolls out a redesign, but the biggest changes are yet to come via

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Sublime Text 2 pour le dev web : config, trucs et astuces

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A quicker, easier shopping experience with Google Shopper 3.2

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Google Flight Search Takes Off Around The Globe

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Latest Google Shopper App Offers New Refinement Options & More Product Details

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Le Pitch 2013 d’Earliz par Olivier Hory | Widoobiz via

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henlaub Google launches flight search in UK, France, Italy, Spain & Netherlands -

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DaniStefanovic Koken - Creative website publishing

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DaniStefanovic Reflections on Web Design Trends in 2013

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Feedly looks like an option

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Really annoyed by Google shutting down Google Reader - has been one of my day2day tool for years…

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siva_v_kumar API for shopping search shutting down as part of Google’s Spring cleanup. Apps using API need alternative by Sept

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customerexplabs Google, don’t turn off Reader. Signed, The Internet

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henlaub Price Comparison Giant Kakaku is in Southeast Asia, Launches Indonesia Site

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jack Living With Less. A Lot Less., via

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freddymini +1 > The iWatch Won’t Be A Watch At All, Says HBR

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henlaub Google continues to push ad-based shopping results, launches Product Listing Ads on smartphones

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loic_d Et vous vous en pensez quoi? “Ne pas pousser en prod le vendredi. FAUX ! - CrEv’s log via “

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Sbillault Facebook staff feel the chill in cold offices

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Mozilla to Mobile OSes: Fox You.

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Bad Merchant? Google May Drop Your Rankings Later This Year

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henlaub The Next Place You Buy a New Car Could Be Google - wow, car comparison service from Google, watch out Autotrader…

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siva_v_kumar Quora keeps searching for growth, this time with user-generated product reviews

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Breaking Down Amazon’s Mega Dropdown

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channeladvisor Google tests same-day delivery, raising marketplace speculation via

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Flush With New Cash, Structured Data Engine FindTheBest Ready To Make It Move

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Google Is Building A Same-Day Amazon Prime Competitor, “Google Shopping Express” via

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smashingmag typeahead.js: a fast and fully-featured autocomplete library -

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TatianaPecanac A/B and multivariate testing does not work on e-Commerce sites

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