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bduclaux Mon interview au JDN :

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RWD Post from on a compression technique that might complement your favorite responsive images approach:

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Q&A With Shopzilla’s Bob Caputo – A Top 5 Comparison Shopping Engine*

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hidpi(): A Better Sass Mixin for Retina Graphics

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Skyscanner Releases Windows 8 App, Plans 100 New Jobs In Its Scotland HQ

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CSSdebutant Une taille de police en fonction de la largeur d’écran - / CSS3 | CreativeJuiz

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Lessons for Data Driven Businesses

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Big Data Right Now: Five Trendy Open Source Technologies

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siva_v_kumar SF is the hotbed for same day ecommerce; Now Google Is Testing Same-Day Delivery for Shoppers

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Mobile Shopping App “Best Decision” Introduces A Universal Cart That Works Across Dozens Of Retailers

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A Loose Heuristic for Mobile Design

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Device-Independent Design Strategy: Looking Beyond Common Media Query Breakpoints

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gilescolborne Ending a Skype call as they all end: by saying ‘goodbye’ then spending 10 seconds looking in confusion for the ‘hang up’ button.

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The Psychology of the Want Button

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foundationzurb Guess what? Foundation 3.2 is coming out tomorrow! New Docs, New JS, bug fixes and more.

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october coming to an end - when is 3.2 due ? Can’t wait !!! :)

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Sbillault Comment éviter le duplicate content selon Matt Cutts

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decide Our big news today: Shopping price-prediction engine Decide rolls out memberships /via

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Shopping Engine Rolls Out Premium Pricing: “When To Buy” Recommendations Now $5 Per Month

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theystolemynick Collection de chiffres Webperf = business

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Les tablettes méritent des interfaces dédiées

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eBay’s New Design Reflects the Future of Commerce

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sengineland Google Updates On Shopping, Hints At AdWords’ Future On Q3 Call by

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TheUpGroup very impressive results from - great growth story to date -

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Google Shopping: Showcase your promotions and get your customers’ attention

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TheFind Mobile – What You Need to Know

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Google Launches Promotions On Google Shopping, Enables Distribution To Google Offers & Maps On Android, Too

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Google Now Reports “Practically 100%” Of Manual Actions

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smashingmag AOL Mail Redesign: The new Webmail interface looks nice. Email UI reinvented? -

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Responsive Comping: Obtaining Signoff with Mockups

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The Infinite Grid

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Ex-Googler: “To Please Google With Your SEO, Forget About SEO”

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What Is Tag Management?

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Custom Sublime Text Build Systems For Popular Tools And Languages

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The Semantic, Responsive Navicon // Design Patterns

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Mythbusting the Responsive Design Myth

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micelip Will test it very soon, Apache Lucene/Solr Big Update

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Inside Network Launches New Blog “Inside Social Commerce” To Chronicle The Future Of Shopping

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nicolastorzec Apache 4.0 released:

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sandrinecassini Après son rachat par Lagardère, veut faire des acquisitions en Europe

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henlaub Rocket Internet’s Asia Price Comparison Venture, Pricepanda, Continues Its Regional March -

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Retina revolution

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RosenfeldMedia RT : dealing w/ RWD, design patterns, & web performance:

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The New eBay: Serendipity+faster transactions=win for sellers

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Sokult propose une interface responsive et immersive

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eBay Unveils A Pinterest-Inspired Redesign And Launches eBay Now, A Same Day Delivery Service

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Google Lightbox Ads?

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GetpriceAU We’re excited to announce that Getprice is once again an independent business!

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mjtwit Making a purchase decision? vs consumer reports

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iamvdo L’un des premiers tutoriels sur Flexbox en syntaxe définitive… (enfin on l’espère) - -

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webalys What Spending $252,000 On Conversion Rate Optimization Taught Me via

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theystolemynick Icônes et responsive design

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Olivier Sichel (: “Nous attendons très peu de synergies entre LeGuide et Lagardère” - JDN Média:

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“Google Improves Results for Natural Language Queries” impressive!

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codorniou Grenoble | Facebook se paie un gâteau fabriqué à Grenoble -

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Retargeting’s Evolution

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Google: Merchant Tools, Product Data The Focus For Google Shopping In Q4

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souders “Mobile web performance trends & predictions” preview of ‘s EU talk plus Halloween idea

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RosenfeldMedia RT : The story of a new microsoft (.com)

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Google Shopping: transition update and new functionality in time for the holidays

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The UX of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

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sengineland Circle Of (Search) Life: Google Brings Catalogs Back To The Web by

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Will we see the new Google Shopping UX today ? (was announced Oct 1st in May’s google announcement)

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JulienCoquet Google releases tag manager. Expect competition to go bye bye.

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