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Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed on desktop ; not sure I get it. Desktop & Metro/Touch experience really scattered.

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Facebook Opens Timeline To All Biz Pages, Mandatory After 30 Days Of Curation

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simonalibert Which One: Responsive Design, Device Experiences, or RESS?: v/

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asselin Google se dit incapable de reporter ses nouvelles règles de vie privée

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New Flickr contact pages are nice - but seems too little for me. When will the next features for Flickr 2012 be rolled out ?

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Bing has a new results page design, rolling out to more people

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Interesting new homepage on BizRate design-wise,

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siva_v_kumar cofounder/ex-CTO’s chinese shopping search startup gets $7.1M funding

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EdCharbeneau An excellent review of nav patterns for responsive websites, by

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usabilitypost Nice Windows Desktop UI Concept

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Nice parody :)

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Pinterest: What two years can account for

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Don’t Just Pin It, Buy It: Pinterest Rival Fancy Figures Out Social Commerce

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EloVigneron Plus que 2 jours pour jouer sur le blog et gagner jusqu’à 1000€ de clics sur Kelkoo

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The New SEO Process (Quit Being Kanye)

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SVSJbizjournal BloomReach launches tool to connect customers, retailers

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BloomReach Crunches Big Data To Deliver The Future Of SEO and SEM

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Apache 2.4 Sets Sights on Cloud

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Facebook Needs To Figure Out How To Turn Socializing Into Shopping

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FindTheBest Wants To Personalize Comparison Shopping With AssistMe

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Big UI Changes Coming To Flickr Next Week

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smashingmag CSS technique for float-less fluid layouts that also allows you to mix fixed sized columns with fluid - by

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counternotions So ex-Google Wave engineers rethink Gmail interface & workflow.

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How do you discover your products?

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theystolemynick Utilisation massive (mais pratique) du sélecteur CSS universel (*)

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With Windows Like These Who Needs Enemies? [UPDATED]

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No, It’s Not a Scottish Flag… It’s the New Windows 8 Logo!

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PaulVivant Alive! It’s Alive! Meet the Digimind Blog Who said blogging is dead?

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Kayak Partners With Trip Advisor To Integrate 60 Million Travel Reviews Into Hotel Search

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Pinterest Isn’t Ready to Focus on Making Money

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VerifyApp Deconstruction of Smashing Magazine’s Responsive Redesign -

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Progressive And Responsive Navigation via

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chrishote digimindci: Digimind is excited to launch - for up-to-date information about who got funded, from Silicon Valley to …

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Google Knowledge Graph Could Change Search Forever via

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Data Visualization Principles: Lessons from Tufte

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CPC_Andrew Nice article on ROI: Ecommerce SEO Strategy: Leveraging Product Level Data - YouMoz | SEOmoz via

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L’approche ‘Mobile First’ adoptée par Amazon en Inde

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Gathering Analytics on Clickable Prototypes: Introducing Solidify

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Bounce Rate Demystified [Infographic]

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Flickr est-il mort ? 5 raisons pour comprendre

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Shopzilla Founder Launches Cheers: The “Like Button” For The World Around You

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Skimlinks is the real story behind Pinterest’s success

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Bing Testing New Search Results Design

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simple le 600d est un reflex , le nex7 un hybride :-)

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siva_v_kumar Interesting! Pinterest is quietly generating revenue by modifying user submitted pins.

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siva_v_kumar Interesting, but not on Facebook!? Startup opportunity: The Zynga of Pinterest

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The Price of Free: Path Uploads Entire Address Book To Its Servers

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Kelkoo launches a car insurance service in Spain

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nicolasjornet Kelkoo se lance dans la comparaison d’assurances auto en Espagne -

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Hunch Takes A Deep Data Dive On The Tastes And Interests Of eBay Users

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lloydgprice The largest price comparison websites in Poland - Ceneo, Nokaut, Skąpiec disappear from Google search results

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Personalized eCommerce Is Already Here, You Just Don’t Recognize It

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Google Product Listing Ads: A 2011 Review and Outlook for 2012

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jonathanbonzy “50% of Fab’s traffic came via our daily emails to our members” Comme quoi on s’en tape du ! ;)

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Un démonstrateur visuel pour CameraSize

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Responsive Images: How they Almost Worked and What We Need

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JulienCoquet Calcul du temps de chargement de page dans Google Analytics et Webmaster Tools:

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KelkooJobs I’m hiring! Web Developer : Grenoble at Kelkoo - Grenoble Area, France

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How Pinterest Uses Your Content Without Violating Copyright Laws

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