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A New Era For Social Interest Sites: Twitter, Tumblr And Pinterest Go Big In 2011

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HTML5 idiots are confusing meatballs with spaghetti

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olimeo Contre les faux avis de clients, l’Afnor prépare une norme

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theystolemynick Le prochain domaine d’exploration de la : l’interface

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siva_v_kumar Silicon Valley is powering a change in the way we shop via

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How To Get A 30% Increase In CTR With Structured Markup

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obernasson Des sites de comparaison brésiliens questionnent les pratiques anticoncurrentielles de Google Inc au Brésil

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3 Ways Taste Graphs will Fuel Social Commerce in 2012

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Amazon Goes Social Shopping: What Quorus Hires Mean

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henlaub buySAFE Sues Google Over “Trusted Stores” Service, Fears Annihilation

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Challenges quitte le monde impitoyable de la télé ! Eh oui, le constructeur arrête la fabrication des téléviseurs !

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asselin RT Je recrute.Chef de Produit International Digimind Grenoble de veille e-reputation

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How the Boston Globe Pulled Off HTML5 Responsive Design

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How Best Buy Stole Christmas

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Kayak lance une application marchande pour Mac

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henlaub Anti-trust investigation looming against Google Shopping in Brazil via

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bduclaux How Twitter Stores 250 Million Tweets a Day Using MySQL

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DarbyWill The Top 5 Social Commerce Disruptors in 2012 by Nisan Gabbay

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cdixon “Desingineer” -> mythical person startups are looking for who can do UI, UX and also excellent front- and back-end coding.

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1 Million Articles Auto-Shared Daily, So Yahoo! Expands Facebook Integration To 26 More Sites

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smashingmag Now, that’s geeky: a Mathematica function to find Waldo in images -

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s’apprête à mettre la main sur Ciao

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Kayak Consolidates iPhone And iPad Apps; Updates UI, Adds Trip Itineraries And More

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Awesome!!! New Digimind website ! Check it out !

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An internet of people:


Google Releases Ten Videos On Rich Snippets via

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smashingmag HTML Email Boilerplate: a nice bulletproof foundation for your email newsletters -

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An Event Apart: CSS Best Practices

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davidspitz The disruptive influence of barcode scanning

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Pinterest: Behind the Design of an Addictive Visual Network

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The Social Shopping Experiment That Actually Works

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Google Authorship Rich Snippets – Is Google Promoting Authors Or Google+?

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The New Delicious UI Updates Make It Look Just Like Pinterest by via

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squarecog Map-Reduce: a powerful abstraction that helps programmers create non-performant code and run it at extremely large scale.

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nicolastorzec Data Mining for Product Search Ranking at Etsy, by , at Hadoop World 2011

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Wolfram_Alpha Shopping goes geek in Wolfram|Alpha with brand new consumer product data

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Currently: Sign Up form design - best practices

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facebook Timeline: Now Available Worldwide

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Wrangling with the Facebook Graph API | Nettuts+

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referencement Victime de Google? Témoignez sur

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Sbillault Shopping Local vs. Shopping Locally

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Top Trends of 2011: Frictionless Sharing

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Google Tests Its Hotel Finder As A New Comparison Ad Atop Search Results

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mci, il reste neanmoins utile. 2h pour la mise en pratique sur un site perso :-)

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How to Authenticate Users With Facebook Connect | Nettuts+

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siva_v_kumar Great working with to launch our iPhone app update! via

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Google’s New Multilingual Markup Signals New Issues Of Concern For Global SEOs

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nicolastorzec Blog post about Yahoo!’s , our large-scale knowledge integration platform & the resulting knowledge base

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RT : Time Out Acquires Kelkoo Select

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Wake Up SEOs, the New Google is Here

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Twenga launches an iPad app - - To test.

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Shopping Flux lance « MCID Finder » pour la place de marché Rue du Commerce

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Connaissez-vous Jeremie Herscovic from Paris ? Socloz : le crosscanal, moteur de shopping de nouvelle génération !

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FindTheBest Succeeds Where Google Squared Failed

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Why User Experience Design Needs Search Engine Marketing

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smashingmag Interesting Thoughts on sizing UI’s for today’s Web - - Do you agree?

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Google Currents is No Flipboard Killer

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Ticket Search Engine FanSnap Acquired By Shopping Site NexTag, But Employees May Get $0

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Twitter Wants To Become Your Main Discovery Tool With New Redesign

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nicolasjornet John Lennon - Twitter trend sponsorisé

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henlaub The Future of Google Shopping

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henlaub FindTheBest Adds Smart Ratings And A Better Way To Compare Products

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HTML5 Can Get the Job, But Can HTML5 Do the Job? by via

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Building For The Long Haul via

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bduclaux How to kill the long tail … RT : The horror: Google now encrypts up to 33% of search referral data :

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Content Strategy Within The Design Process

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Top 7 Mobile Commerce Trends in 2011

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Google Flight Search Reaches Cruising Altitude

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Top 10 signs you are a Product Clerk and not a Product Owner

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sengineland Google Makes Flight Search Results Better Looking, More Useful by

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Announcing Google Prime?

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kelkoofr Grand jeu sur ! Gagnez une édition collector avec le jeu Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

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Old Ways of Web Design Don’t Work Anymore

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Parent or child feeds for the CSEs?

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