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siva_v_kumar great job by team! “: TheFind gets a facelift + new social module today. Try it out:

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Google Analytics Finally Goes Real Time (Plus New Premium Accounts)

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ecommerce Google Site Health launches as part of Webmaster Tools

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Google Analytics Blog: What’s happening on your site right now?

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usherml Forbes interviews TheFind CEO, on the launch of Amazon Kindle Fire:

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What the New Open Graph Means For Retailers & Brands

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Bing Shopping = Bing

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Yahoo’s Strategy After Bartz? “Deeply Personal Digital Experiences”

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Amazon’s New Cloud-Fueled Web Browser Will Predict Your Browsing Habits

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The Implications of Amazon’s Silk Web Browser

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theystolemynick Boutons de partage (Facebook, G+…), comment les inclure sans tuer les

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Vers de nouvelles expériences d’achat et de consultation

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siva_v_kumar Tablets: Ultimate Buying Machines

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tnooz Latest! Reevoo creates consumer protection manifesto ahead of travel sector launch

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Content Prototyping In Responsive Web Design

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Shopkick By The Numbers: 700M Product Views; 7M Product Scans; 2.3M Users In The Past Year

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scotwingo Thoughts on what the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet means to Amazon sellers, and the e-commerce part of their biz

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Isn’t it nice ?

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aurelieemsallem pas pour tous ;-)

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CAPE_VC Touché par Google Panda, Twenga licencie 50 personnes

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The New Facebook: A Timeline for Personal Discovery and Storytelling

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EuroIA: Beyond The Polar Bear

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customerexplabs Wow - interesting concept and great UI -How many slaves are working for you? Answer will surprise you!

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henlaub Trying on the future

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Mobile Product Page Design Tips

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Bing Makes Bid To Become Top Deals Destination via

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Scientists Use Google Earth to Understand Mysterious Giant Wheels

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First Look: Facebook’s New Timeline Design

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New Facebook Features From F8 Include Timeline, “Liking As A Verb,” & More Engaging Apps

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henlaub The News From f8 And What it Means For Shopping

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sengineland Google Overhauls Product Search, Plans To Close

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jcommunication RT : Retrevo develops a mobile ‘salesperson’ app

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Enhancing the shopping experience on Google Product Search

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A New Product Discovery Site Emerges, With A Killer Domain And $1M In Funding: via

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How Facebook Will Fix Its Like Button Problem via

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theystolemynick Performances perçues, HTML5 history VS hashbangs et responsive webdesign :

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Stoppelman: 75% Of Yelp’s Traffic Comes From Google

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Google Says Mobile Optimized Sites Will Factor Into Landing Page Quality And Perform Better In AdWords

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ericmarillet prepares to expand offline. Here is how it plans to handle payments in brick-and-mortar stores.

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bduclaux Build-up ! RT : Après la France avec , l’Allemagne avec Tradoria, Rakuten achète au UK :

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Google Puts +1 on Ads, Creates Google Plus Revenue Stream

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Kelkoo unveils phase one of travel reboot -

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KelkooJobs We want developers for our IT team in Grenoble, various roles - international applications with visa for France welcome

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Google’s Launch of Wallet is Just Another Beta

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KelkooJobs Please RT Head of Search Engine Marketing : Kelkoo - - CVs through to

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Where is the fold ? Nice tool!

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Google buys European Groupon clone, snaps up German website DailyDeal

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siva_v_kumar NexTag testifying in Google’s algorithm Congress hearings via

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Breaking Dev: Responsible & Responsive

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Breaking Dev: Pragmatic Responsive Design

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timoreilly Wow. “Now it’s illegal to write down prices in a Tesco supermarket” via

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Je confirme :) J’ai survécu qq semaines avec un pain de glace sur la freebox pour la refroidir ;)

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Google: “Introducing Nearby Stores and Local Availability in Europe, Australia, and Japan”

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Oh Good Grep! Web Grepper: A New Web Intelligence Feature From Blekko

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Google China Launched Daily Deal Aggregator “Shihui”

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Yahoo! Rolls Out Redesign for Search Results Pages

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How I Would Do SEO for

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Windows 8: a bold and risky venture

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MissCeline Scoop !Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Pagination with rel=”next” and rel=”prev”

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usherml Only 23% of consumers have ever left a review online (this is why Facebook Likes matter…numbers must be much higher there)

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bduclaux Twenga introduces AffinitAd - the ecommerce advertising network giving access to 450 millions offers worldwide !

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Search Engine Marketing - Google to beef up search within Google Shopping - Internet Retailer

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sengineland Google Travel Search Takes Flight With First ITA Travel Product

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Google Flights now live and it is good …

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PowerReviews Launches Two Facebook Shopping Apps

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scotwingo Scoop - is becoming a marketplace - eBay and Walmart should be VERY concerned - details at eBay Strategies:

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New AOL Shopping powered by ShopStyle - focus on fashion, pleasant UI, some nice ideas…

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mickaelfroger Comparateurs de prix : comment survivre après Google Panda? |

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henlaub How the rise of online window shoppers is making life hard for internet retailers

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Is Google Monetizing Google Product Search through Paid Search Ads?

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bduclaux Twenga releases a major update of its iphone application - see ! Congrats to the team !

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Don Norman Has a Great Point About Google, But Does It Matter?

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MicroData & Retail Products: Not Ready For Primetime?

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Carol Bartz: Yahoo’s Board “F***ed Me Over”

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MissCeline Interview Matt Cutts exclusive ! | baume référencement | SEO

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Google Content API for Shopping adds more metrics for merchants

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nicolastorzec Six Degrees of Separation: more on Yahoo Research online experiment to test the Small World theory using Facebook’ graph

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pierrechappaz (Silicon Alley Insider) And Now Yahoo Has Put Itself Up For Sale… : []

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Car Price Comparison Company TrueCar Raises $200M+, Gears Up For IPO via

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ctricot Plutôt original comme mail de réponse automatique :-)

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Bartz Fired; Morse Named Interim CEO; Yahoo Board Creates Circle Of Elders To Decide Company Fate

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ecommerce Google: The State of Retail in Five Notions

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reevoo We’ve just launched our shiny new analytics tool with early-adopters Tesco, Sharp & Sony

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benoitraphael GOOGLE PANDA. : Pourquoi j’ai “tué” Wikio « La Social Newsroom

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Amazon Prepares For Tablet Commerce Revolution With Website Redesign

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siva_v_kumar Google Product Search testing visually similar items for clothes

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The Three Ages of Google - Batch, Warehouse, Instant

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Google Explores Re-Ranking Search Results Using +1 Button Data | Epicenter |

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Upcoming Google Product Search Feed Specification and Policy Changes

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bduclaux Infographic Of The Day: How To Calculate A Customer’s Value via

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Progressive delivery - new category pages for hard goods on Kelkoo

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New Features for the Google +1 Button

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