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Building Faceted Navigation That Doesn’t Suck | SEOmoz via

via Tweet Button to Update Products in 30 Minutes or Your Pizza’s Free*

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Google Launches Hotel Search Tool With Room Price Data

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What Wins In Google Universal Search? Videos, Images & Google!

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Google To Offer Content Delivery Service For Page Speed via

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DOS Turns 30

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siva_v_kumar TheFind finds multiple ways to tailor results to individual shoppers using Facebook Likes - Internet Retailer

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Microsoft supporte (enfin) les formats RAW

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Google Shopper for iPhone Now Surfaces Nearby Offers

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decide First 30 days

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Une petite visite chez Amazon

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lihall PowerReviews Spreads Consumer Reviews Between E-Commerce Sites via

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nicolastorzec Catching up:, an ontology for product/service types, is now compatible with and can be used to extend it…

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Facebook’s iPad App Is Hidden Inside Of Their iPhone App via

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sylvainmarie Everything that’s wrong with our oil-soaked industrial economy, in one amazing poster: via

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Functionality, Gamification, and Feedback Loops

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Google Plus Best Practices: Trey Ratcliff, Artist

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nmaillot Kayak to Google: Bring it on -

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A fake Apple Store - !!!

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Jim1975 image marketing is so important. Google’s Got Logos, But Bing’s Home Page Images Attract Too via

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RT Site Search: Strategies for No Results Found

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A very 1st hint at the new Kelkoo:

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Taobao Imagine: An Image Search Engine for Shoppers

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Product Evangelism

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The UX of User Stories, Part 1

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decide says “Wait” on 80% of Amazon & Best Buy TV “deals” analyzed this AM.

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Google Refine Gets Fusion Tables Import and More

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Kelkoo meets :-) “: Où faire trempette à Paris : les piscines de la capitale…

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siva_v_kumar “Catalogue by TheFind Now Available as a Facebook App Too”

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rhonius Mailman delivers a huge stack of catalogs to SF office. “You sure shop a lot!” he says. “Yes we do!”

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fastcompany Microsoft Wants To Eliminate Buyer’s Remorse

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Kelkoo Travel starts relaunch project, hotels first, flights to follow

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ROI Of Faceted Navigation?

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Cookie Permission: Should You Test That?

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CPC_Andrew Google Product Search Insights: The Impact of UPCs on Customer Conversions via

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jodymulkey Do you love to shop? If so you will love ‘s new iPad app. Congrats Beso product and eng teams

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New Big Data Search Engine Combines CouchDB and Lucene

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How the Web & Daily Deals Have Changed Coupons [INFOGRAPHIC]

via Reeder - Shoppers more trusting of pretty websites, study says

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sengineland Can You Dig Out Of Your Google Panda Hole By Offloading To Subdomains?

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Unfriendly: Google Blocking Ex-Employee’s “Social Circles” Book (Oh Yeah, He Now Works At Facebook)

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More Details on Google’s New Product Search Requirements for Online Retailers

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Un nouveau blog pour Kelkoo

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Guest Post: Why we chose HTML5 over Native apps

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sengineland Google Offers Now Live In SF, NY And Upgraded “Shopper” App

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Important changes to Google Product Search feed specification & policies

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Google Tries To Improve Product Search With New Merchant Rules

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5 Reasons why Google+ is interesting UI.

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“EU Privacy and Cookies: A Very Inconvenient Truth” Nice funny video explaining the new EU law in there !

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Sbillault Case Study: Lean UX at work

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Cookies à l’européenne : de l’opt-out à l’opt-in

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A Look at Amazon’s Tablet Strategy

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fastcompany This is how is reinventing

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patricecassard Le bouton +1 de Google sur les sites a un petit coté “fayot du SEO” …

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Inside Google’s User Experience Lab: An Interview With Google’s Marcin Wichary

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lihall Uh oh…this sounds SO painful! Facebook trapped in MySQL ‘fate worse than death’

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Interview With Louis Rosenfeld, Author Of Search Analytics

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New release of it seems: adjustments in offer & filter display, more social buttons here & there

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patricecassard Lyst, a Newsfeed for Shopping …

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Google Rumored To Launch ITA-Powered Travel Search Product Soon

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EXCLUSIVE: Google to Retire Blogger & Picasa Brands in Google+ Push

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Fbergerduquene Est-ce vraiment Panda ? RT : RT : Déploiement de Panda en France : premiers dégâts

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Google’s “Pi” In The Face

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jmspool Won’t be using Google Plus until Google adds profiles for Google Apps users. Seems like a key oversight.

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The US Group Buying Universe [Infographic]

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Paul Adams: Seeing Google+ In Public Is Like Bumping Into An Ex-Girlfriend.

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nicolastorzec “We do not have architects - at TripAdvisor, if you design something, you code it, and if you code it you test it.”

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