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vandegrift Not really surprising: Online Sellers in the Dark about Google Product Feeds

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carriejohnson great quote on iPad shopping app: “it greatly enhanced my kind of depressing soccer mom life”…

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“Les émissions de CO2 atteignent un niveau record” via C pas gagné…

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Speed Summary | Reevoo&;s Six Essentials of Social Commerce [Download]

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lintool I’ve been told at Google that if it doesn’t work in production, it gets published. Seeing so many papers recently, guess sh*t ain’t working?

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Google Unveils New Travel Search Feature, Does Not Include ITA Features

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Marques et distributeurs ne luttent pas à armes égales

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How Yelp Crushed Citysearch & Yahoo Local … & Why Google Is Stealing Yelp’s Playbook

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How To Get Free Unique Content With Product Reviews: 15,000+ Words In 12 Hours

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Google Payments: What it Means, to You & to the Payments Industry

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How Google Might Choose High Quality Reviews to Display for Products and Businesses

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lloydgprice Interview explains Why and how Google bought shopping price comparison site Sparkbuy

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About Panda international launch, from Google’s Matt Cutts

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bduclaux Very true - RT : startups need both to be veloce and to run a marathon - sense of urgency is crucial ..

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Google Research Paper on Online Reviews for Merchants and Products

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SneakPeeq Is The Social Shopping Mall Where As You Shop, The Price Drops

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sengineland Google Buys Sparkbuy: Comparison Shopping Site Now Closes, Team Remains

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TheFind Catalogue: The Return of Google Catalogs

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ecommercetalk $100 Billion Catalog Shopping Business Re-Imagined for iPads by TheFind

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New shopping experience on tablets (Android & Ipad) by TheFind

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gilescolborne Fascinating differences: maps showing where locals v. tourists take photos in major cities. HT

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“How Google Docs Killed GDrive” Interesting read

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Social Design Strategy

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How to Use Filters In Google Analytics to Analyze Ecommerce Sites

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Optimizing Error Pages: Creating Opportunities Out Of Mistakes

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Optimizing Emotional Engagement In Web Design Through Metrics

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RosenfeldMedia 4 must-read business books for UX folks from : via

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AHAlife Curates And Sells Unique, Hard-To-Find Products From Around The World

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Twenga_jobs A propos des évolutions de : le point de vue de

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lloydgprice Compare prices in real time with Digital Folio, a Microsoft BizSpark One company.

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tamebay New: : The future of mobile shopping

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Google Advisor Wants to Help You Find a Better Bank

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Tapping into Tablet-owning consumers is a revenue opportunity in the making –

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“Free Shipping” revisited – minimal post-holiday dip in usage

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Utilisabilité et performance des moteurs de shopping ? Bof…

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Canon & Nikon Cameras Square Off [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Google Wants to Kill the URL: Chrome 13 Lets Users Hide the Address Bar

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Nextag Our Dealforce app is all over the news!

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kombit Panda aggrave-t-il la position dominante de Google?: Le comparateur de prix Twenga, victime comme beaucoup d’aut…

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vandegrift Over 1 billion products in the google shopping system world wide. More than 2 million retailers participating.

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bduclaux According to , Google Shopping becomes shopping engine in the UK in April and kills all competitors - thanks Panda

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Boticca’s high-end designer marketplace scores £1.5 million

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ukretail Female shoppers now more influential for price comparison site, says Russ Carroll, UK managing director:

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Connecting The Dots On eBay’s Local Shopping Strategy

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BoingBoing Michael Moore’s “Some Final Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden”

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siva_v_kumar ”: TheFind Looks to Define E-Commerce on the Tablet -by ”

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twenga_fr Twenga change de peau !

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Content SEO made easier by WordPress, Yoast and Linkdex

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Two Thirds Of Moms Shop With Their Smartphones

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Prevent Panda problems: increase page view times

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g_laborderie Twenga et PHP, un duo gagnant pour le moteur de recherche de shopping

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Blog post: This is a nice Shopping homepage, Mr Google

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Nice new homepage for Google Shopping US

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siva_v_kumar Helping retailers and shoppers! “: launched major new Merchant Program Upfront 2.0 .

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BenjaminRezzak EdgeRank: How Facebook Determines What Appears in the News Feed: Your online shop’s Facebook Page is a marketing…

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hunch Taste Graph + Influential Brands = Great Recommendations. Check out the brands on board …

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Just Weeks Away, A Preview Of The Google +1 Button For Websites

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10 Proven Strategies for Greater Likeability on Facebook

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Beyond Blog Posts - A Guide to Innovative Content Types | SEOmoz via

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Google would start to look really nice!”Google Experimenting With Redesigned Search Results Page [SCREENSHOT] ”

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CPC_Andrew Launches New Merchant Blog

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sengineland Impacted By Google’s Panda Update? Google Asks You To Consider This…

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New blog post: New UI for Twenga

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mickaelfroger Le comparateur de prix Twenga fait peau neuve

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PowerReviews Raises $10 Million To Power Customer Reviews For Retailers And Brands

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Google Analytics Now Tracks Page Load Speeds to Help You Optimize Your Site

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Fat Pandas and Thin Content

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KelkooJobs Front end developer required : Kelkoo, London

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buzzandy RT : PowerReviews Raises $10 Million To Power Customer Reviews For Retailers And Brands

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sengineland Google Shopping, Product Extensions, Come To Four New Countries

via twitterfeed (retweeted on 8:46 PM, May 3rd, 2011 via Seesmic Desktop) Buys Local Search Company Krillion For $3.5M, Debuts Daily Deal Service

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In Copenhagen for 3 days…

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Pour la peine, une nouvelle entrée: :)

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Haha, je vais me faire tout humble maintenant ;-)

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