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Twitter by the Petabyte: Using Big Data to Define Market Sentiment

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smashingmag Mobile Users Prefer Browsers over Apps - (via ) - Interesting research.

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Deconstructing PayPal’s Radical Checkout Redesign

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Google Shopping Now Available in Japan

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Search Dominates Social Networking For Product Discovery, Study Says

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abarba Hallo have you seen this groupon self serve article?

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Bizrate Insights Hot Topic Series:Wanted: A lower returns rate

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Facebook to Launch Local Shopping Deals With Check-ins; Look Out Groupon

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Groupon’s Development Philosophy: Really Short Iterations

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BenjaminRezzak Mobile First! at Facebook: For the past year, I’ve been making the case that Web-based products should be designed…

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jcommunication RT : Will you go gadget shopping with your Windows Phone 7? Take Retrevo’s new app with you!

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miloshopping The Current State of Mobile Shopping

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Milo Takes Local Product Inventory Search Mobile With Android App

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TheFind: Welcome to “Getting Found” – Our New Merchant Newsletter

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Cheep Combines Product Comparisons With Social Shopping

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Sephora Smelt It, Blippy Dealt It. Fragrance Retailer Takes Shopping Social

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Amazon Launches Windowshop, New iPad App for Shopping

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Survey: Businesses Waste 4.8 Hours Per Week Scheduling Meetings

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The Story of Groupon & its Daily Deals

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davidferrara Google Shopping : le comparateur de prix par Google

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siva_v_kumar Nextag is molting - exhibits new green price tag brand while website is vintage blue and red letters

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nextagsellers Nextag’s Brand New Merchant Help Center!

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and already responding

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JosianLondon Shopzilla to launch in FR/DE/UK, watch out fashion addicts!

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“Google Shopping Launches in France” Official announcement from Google

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nicolastorzec Sources for : ProductWiki; MusicBrainz; DBpedia; Freebase; OpenLibrary; sites w/ GoodRelations or OGP metadata

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nicolastorzec News from (i.e. open product data): new crawler infrastructure, new lookup service and more interlinking

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CPCstrategy Debuts Free User-Created Product Promotion Guides: Yesterday… - New Blog Post

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New blog post: Google Shopping launched in FR / Some improvements on Google Product Search US

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With Google Deal Under Investigation, ITA’s OnTheFly For Android Takes Flight

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ils ont une base produit… mais leur techno pour regrouper les offres sous des produits est perfectible

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Why Developers Should Pay Attention to Node.js

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Tried to renew my Flickr subscription… Got a Yahoo error at the end of the payment process. Didn’t except such failure from Yahoo

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Just received my signed new album of . Amazing record, Luke !!!

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Google’s $2.5 Billion In Display Advertising Might Already Be Bigger Than Yahoo’s

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Google Product Search launched in FR (beta): (via )

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Sneaky Tip to Optimize Product Bids on Comparison Search Engines

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Shopping Site Brings Print Catalogs To The iPad

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Slap A QR Code On That Product So That People Can Like It

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nicolastorzec Data-driven startups have to take data analysis to the next step, but are still spending 80% of their time data munging

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novaspivack Could this be how the semantic web really takes off? Linked Open Commerce starts to de-stealth ?

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PriceRunner is experimenting a Google Instant-like feature Works ok

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Battle of the Barcode Scanners: eBay vs. Amazon

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Requirements Are Not

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jackabraham Thanks ! RT: Read how Jack Abraham, founder of, wants to change the way you shop.

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TechCrunch PriceGrabber Now Lists Product Inventory At Local Stores Courtesy Of Milo by

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Congrats for the launch of Digimind 8.5 :)

via web sees U.S. launch – find the cheapest mp3s

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PriceGrabber Local Courtesy of Milo

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Minimalisme et inspiration chez Nordstrom

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Tada Launches – Shopzilla’s New Deal of The Day Site

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Mobile Barcode Scanning up 700% This Year

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Good news for European shoppers as cuts delivery fees

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danbarbata Just got a great webcam, the Logitech C260, at Staples for $20 (reg $43). - -

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(A personal favorite)

stuck in the plane 2h delay to get back to france…

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sbpeterson TaDa! Our new site launched today - you like great deals on exclusive merchandise?!? Check us out: Congrats to the team!

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nicolastorzec RT : Linked Open Commerce cloud pictorial has just been updated: => : for

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nicolastorzec RT : Big update coming to soon <= i.e. product information crawled from ProductWiki made available as

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In London for 2 days

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Warm Gun: the Age of Experience

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Google: “Working With Bizrate for Trusted Seller Reviews and Ratings”

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How Hunch Went From Q&A to Guessing Your Preferences: An Interview With Caterina Fake

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The RSS Connection: New Search, Big Data and the Web App Movement

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kelolom Topite recrute ! T’en es ?

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“MongoDB CTO on Foursquare’s Scaling Issues” NoSQL not viable in this context, or bad software archi. by Foursquare?

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Consistency Is King In SEO via I want to believe in this simple rule !!!

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nautret The latest key hires at : experience, experience, and more experience!

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siva_v_kumar TheFind Gets Into Social Commerce With Facebook Integration via

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usherml Ahead of its time? w/expansion of open graph & use of like buttons on the rise, maybe not for long…

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siva_v_kumar CSE 1.0 rebranding underway. First Shopzilla/Bizrate, then PriceGrabber, Smarter and now NexTag (via )

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New blog post: New eBay product pages: the best product pages ever?

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RT : New Nextag Logo?: There is a new logo showing up in the Nextag employee email… - New Blog Post

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PowerReviews The value of a “liker” according to Facebook (via ).

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gilescolborne Targeting specific user experiences, rather than piling on features, is at the heart of Apple’s product strategy.

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czj e-commerçants à panier élevé, oubliez Nextag et LeGuide. Taux de transformation catastrophique (4x pire que les autres).

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How Facebook Can Become Bigger In Five Years Than Google Is Today

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Simple Won’t Make Your Product Stand Out

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Why Product Reviews Can Drive Group Buying Success for Retailers

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Web Analytics, The Wonder Cure For Funnel Crappiness via

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