nicolas leroy

Grenoble - Exposition Obey

20 octobre 2019

J’aurai attendu le dernier jour pour voir l’exposition Shepard Fairey – connu sous le sobriquet de Obey -, à l’ancienne bibliothèque de Grenoble. Impressionnant de voir l’ensemble de ces oeuvres rassemblées dans un seul endroit.

Gros coup de coeur pour “Fan The Flames“, une des ces oeuvres les plus récentes (2019):

Fan the Flames is about the unfortunate truth that unchecked capitalism and a livable planet will soon be incompatible. Capitalism is predicated on expanding consumption and profits without regard to environmental consequences (with the exception of a few conscientious companies). I’m not making an indictment of capitalism in its entirety, only making the point that safety checks need to exist to put the health of the many before the profits of a few. The function of government is to serve the needs of the people who elected it before the needs of corporations, however corporate donations and lobbyists corrupt democracy in the way that they shift government’s priorities from the needs of the many to the desires of big corporations.

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