PriceGrabber Deals, an aggregator of local deals


In June 2010, I wrote:

For me, the mission of CSEs is to make customers aware of available products and help them for their purchase decisions… As such, CSEs should start aggregating the various offers from the deal of the day / group buying sites, and through personalization (geography, center of interest…) tailor the experience for each customer.

Since then, as far as I know, no major CSEs have experimented with such deal aggregator… until today with PriceGrabber launching its own in beta version. Straightforward implementation, but efficient:

  • Deals can be filtered by location, then by categories / prices / group buying sites.
  • Deals are displayed with 4 values – Initial value, discount, saving money, real price – each of those values can be used to sort results.
  • This new “Deal” section relies on the new PriceGrabber design, still in test for the rest of the categories.

Deals category at PriceGrabber (Apr'11))