Product results within Google Adwords


On SearchEngineLand:

A search for bluenile in Google will now return a search ad for Blue Nile. The search ad is not an ordinary Google search ad, instead, it shows a link that reads, “Show products from Blue Nile for bluenile.” If you click on that link, it opens up three product results from Blue Nile. […] The ad also shows on the right hand side, as Steve Rubel shows. I was able to replicate Steve’s findings, by searching for diamonds. This implementation is better, in my opinion, because it does not change how the natural/free results are shown, but rather only push down other ads on the right hand side.

I haven’t been able to test it by myself, but here are some screenshots found on Flickr:

An enhanced AdWords placement with a “Show products from … for …” link:

Images in AdWords

When clicking on the link, the extended AdWords placement with 3 products from the advertiser:

Images in AdWords

A similar placement on the right-hand-side column:

Google Adwords Test (1 of 2)?

This is another test by Google showing the threat it can become for CSEs. Other recent shopping-related news from Google:

  • Tips from the Google Checkout team for the holidays season: “If you’re an AdWords merchant, be sure to display Google Checkout badges on your AdWords ads. Google Checkout users click on ads 10% more when they display the Checkout badge.
  • Google Base now allows merchants adding tax and shipping in their feeds: “Tax and shipping estimation is one of the features most commonly asked for by shoppers on Google Product Search. Today, I’m happy to announce that you can now submit tax and shipping information for your products via your Google Base account. We’ll soon be displaying this information on Google Product Search to provide buyers with more accurate price information, so we strongly encourage all merchants to start submitting it.” 

In a sense, that’s a long time we are observing Google adding small feature after small feature and tightening its different products targeting merchants (Google Search, AdWords, Checkout, Base, Product Search, Analytics) (See the excellent article from Brian Smith in January 2007). Still Google has not killed CSEs yet; but it’s amazing seeing the potential it has to change the shopping ecosystem.